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If you have questions about the Partner Marketing Central platform, please call us at the telephone number associated with your country and language:

CountryLanguageAgent AvailabilityTelephone No.
United StatesEnglish8am-6pm EST1 (844) 319-6540
AustraliaEnglish9am-5pm UTC+11:001 (800) 815 983
BrazilPortuguese9am-5pm UTC-02:0008008924753
CanadaEnglish 8am-6pm EST1 (844) 319-6540
ChinaMandarin/Cantonese9am-5pm UTC+08:004001-205439
FranceFrench9am-5pm UTC+01:000805220179
GermanyGerman9am-5pm UTC+01:0008006647480
Hong KongMandarin/Cantonese9am-5pm UTC+08:00800-905273
IrelandEnglish9am-5pm UTC1800936599
JapanJapanese9am-5pm UTC+09:00+81-345400973 (フリーダイヤル)
MexicoSpanish9am-5pm UTC-06:00001-8552363142
New ZealandEnglish9am-5pm UTC+13:000800-480172
SingaporeEnglish9am-5pm UTC+08:00800-1206721
SpainSpanish9am-5pm UTC+01:00800099546
UKEnglish9am-5pm UTC08003763359

If you do not see your country listed and would like to have telephone access to Zift support then please email us your country information.

Funds Management

For information regarding funds management, including investing funds, claim status and/or payments, please contact Ansira through one of the following methods:

Cisco Joint Marketing Fund - Cisco@Ansira.com

Cisco EMEAR Partner Marketing Fund - CiscoJMF@Ansira.com

Cisco Partner Plus Incentives - CiscoPartnerPlus@Ansira.com

Cisco EMEAR Partner Plus Virtual Wallet - CiscoVirtualWallet@Ansira.com

Cisco Cloud Market Development Funds - CiscoMdfForProviders@Ansira.com

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